Sunday, March 30, 2008

For Your Sunday Listening Pleasure

I got this CD a while back, and I wanted to write about it. Only through blogland did I learn about it, since the pianist is the husband of my cousin's friend Tori (did you catch all of that?) I started reading Tori's blog early on in my blogging career, and was really entertained by it.

Anyway, one day she wrote about all the crazy talents her husband has, and mentioned that he recorded a CD of piano hymns. I was looking for some nice Sunday music, and I'm a big fan of piano CDs, so I got it and its great.

Most of the songs are medleys, and Tori said that he plays by ear and arranged all of the songs himself (the clip I posted is just part of one of the medleys).

Thanks Tori! (They're still for sale. Contact Tori at if you're interested)


Tori :) said...

Thanks Abbie!! His talent really is amazing.

nana said...

That was wonderful.

Macey Kay said...

Ooh-I like it. Very cool