Wednesday, March 05, 2008

It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse reigns supreme in our house. As in, it's the only TV show Sophie even considers watching, and she'll watch 10 episodes straight if we let her.

I'd now like to bear my testimony on Comcast cable. Comcast has this heaven-sent thing called "On Demand", which is similar to TiVo, but doesn't require any work. It automatically saves most of the top-watched shows and movies from most cable channels, and keeps them stored for us to view at any time. And the shows stored automatically rotate as new episodes become available.

So right now we have 3 different MMC (that's what I'll call it from now on) episodes at our disposal. And in a week or 2, we'll get a new one. Not that Sophie cares which episode she watches. The rotation is mostly for parent sanity.

Last week, Jake taught Sophie to put her hands on her head (like Mickey ears) to ask for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. So here we see Sophie in her dog bed, er, baby chair, watching her heros.

I really don't mind MMC, except that in the opening song, it rhymes "inside" with "inside" ("It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Come inside, it's fun inside"). AND in one of the episodes that graces our television daily, they sing

"We need to find the harp,
we never must give up,
we all need to play,
to wake Minnie up".

That's right. rhyming "up" with "up". Quite creative.


diana rose said...

i, too hate it when people rhyme words with themselves.

sophie in her dog bed, er, i mean, baby chair, is too funny. i laughed out loud, while sitting with the computer all alone. thank you, i needed that.

Emily said...

We have a toy that says "B is for Bee." Come on!

nana said...

Good thing you don't have a dog! She looks very comfy.

Jennifer said...

Funny. I thought maybe I just wasn't hearing the words right. Now I know that their songs really are that dumb.

(And, lucky for us, we have a CD with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse songs on it, so we get to hear them over and over and over...)

Jacie said...

We too LOVE comcast on demand!