Sunday, June 24, 2007

Journal Jar #14: Music

What's my favorite music group? Why?

My favorite musician is definitely Ben Folds. Why? Because he's awesome. Now, I have to admit here that since graduating from college, I have been slacking terribly in the music department. I used to stay up on most of the local bands both in Mesa and in Provo as well as other similar, more national bands, but now I hardly even listen to the music I already have.

Anyways, Ben Folds' fingers are like magic on the piano. He's just great. And if you only know him from his "She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly..." song, may I suggest the CD "Rockin' the Suburbs"? Just play it from the beginning and you'll be hooked (can I get an Amen from anyone in the audience here?)

Here is the music video from his song "Still Fighting It". Enjoy.


diana rose said...

you don't need me to comment to let you know that you get an amen from the denton's.

funny story...

at his last concert bryce and i were talking about how half the people in the arena probably had no idea who ben folds was. he started to play brick and bryce joked that now everyone might know who he is. just then i heard the guy next to me say, "oh, okay this one sounds familiar."

Robin said...


Jake said...

Big amen from me. Not my favorite, but I'm definitely converted.