Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Is Anyone Looking for a Roommate?

This is Cathy.

She is 21, single, and a student at ASU.

She enjoys softball & soccer, and is very active and social. She also likes shopping, hosting local shindigs, and spending time with family.

Cathy is quite adventurous. Why, she just spent the last 6 weeks in Hawaii, and went there ALL BY HERSELF. However, while she was gone, her sweet neice Sophie took over her room. Her floor space is now crib space. Her shoe shelf is now a book shelf. Her dresser - a changing table. And her drawers are now filled with onesies and pink blankets.

Cathy is looking for something for duration of the summer, perhaps longer if everything works out. She would prefer something in Mesa, but closer to ASU, and she would love it if she and all her roommates all went to the same singles ward together.

For your chance to get this great roommate, please leave a comment. Thanks!


melmck said...

Gracie said she would like another girl around here. She's having trouble adjusting to the thought of a boy. They would have to share a bathroom though, and cathy's room would actually be a walk in closet. Have her think about it.

Stephanie said...

um, does cathy know about this?

Cathy said...

Ah give me some time in my room before you kick me out again... my bed is so big and soft and comfy and the shower actually gets the shampoo out of my hair... and as long as Sophie doesn't play the claranet, I don't mind sharing a room with her.