Thursday, June 28, 2007

Babyproofing Success

Not only has babyproofing Nana's basement been a success, but we've also gone an extra step and created a play corner for all the grandkids (Three now, FIVE by Thanksgiving!)

This awesome play space includes a big wooden toybox (the one I used as a kid), a bookshelf full of fun books, a big basket of horses, bins full of blocks, duplos, & little people ("Peoples" as we used to call them), a rocking horse (Grandpa's from when HE was a kid), and nice cushy ottomans (great for standing practice).

This is definitely a Sophie-approved area. She will crawl the entire length of the basement to get to it, and then she'll just hang out for a while.

p.s. This little girl now has SIX teeth. Here she is showing most of them off.


melmck said...

Sophie is kicking Gracie's butt at all the milestones! Gracie only has 6 teeth now and didn't even get them until she was 11 months. Good work with the baby raising and baby proofing!

Macey Kay said...

Nana's basement rocks! Looks like fun! Kinda like Grandmas Donna's fun basement that all of us grandkids would play in when not playing cards with Grandpa Jay.

diana rose said...

great job with the play corner. it looks so orderly.

sophie is becoming such a big girl... i love her dress.

Laurie said...

Great job! Your daughter is beautiful!