Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Beauty Tip

I know, a beauty tip from Abbie? It doesn't seem right. I’m like the epitome of laziness when it comes to things like makeup and, you know, general getting-ready-in-the-morning stuff. But I do have one secret that I'd like to share with my blogging friends.

(Cue frustrated girl in front of bathroom mirror and infomercial voiceover guy)

Don't you hate it when you spend a long time in the shower scrubbing your eye makeup, only to get out and see huge raccoon eyes in the mirror? (girl looks up, “uh-huh”) It can be quite frustrating. Well not anymore! Here's a quick tip to get rid of raccoon eyes after the shower, or in a pinch: like when you wake up from a nap and need to be somewhere in a hurry, or when you forget to wash your face at night, and need to head out fast in the morning.

Are you ready? You need 2 things: a q-tip and some lotion. I put a tiny drop of lotion on my finger, swipe my q-tip in it, rub it under my lower eyelid, and PRESTO! A brand new forest-creature-less face!

It works great for me. It’s something I do daily – in the morning and ½ way through the day when the Arizona heat has made my eye makeup less than appealing.

(Fast-forward to happy girl with bright, shiny face)

Try it, and let me know what other tips work for you.


melmck said...

That is the best idea ever. I can't wear mascara on my lower eyelashes because it always turns to under-eye circles by mid-day. Thanks for the tip. I don't have any tips besides don't wear make up and it doesn't get messed up.

Lauren said...

That's awesome! I usually use this johnson's and johnson's no tears face wash to wash off my eye makeup before actually washing my face. It works but takes some extra time.

diana rose said...

i thought raccoon eyes were in style? or is that just for boys?


i think i did get the referral credit from your order, but whether or not i did, no biggie. i wasn't trying to get referrals, i think i have enough make-up to test out and play around with for a bit. i was just passing on a fun bargain. hopefully you'll find something good out of your purchase. again, don't expect too much, but for a dollar i thought it was fun to try out.

this was a really long comment, i should've just sent you an email.