Friday, May 11, 2007

Our Family of Quails

This morning, Jake noticed a little family of quails living in our side yard. The babies are only about 2 inches tall. We tried to get a good look, but those little suckers are fast on their feet, so we let them be.

Then this afternoon, Jake heard them all chirping from the nursery, so I looked out the window (And what did I see?) and saw the dad quail and the mom quail, and the mom quail had 2 little babies following her wherever she went. "Oh cute! 2 babies!" I said.

"Oh wait. 3. 4. 5 baby quails!"


"7! Jake did you see all of them?" I exclaimed, as more and more came out from hiding. I took a reacount. There were SEVEN. And just as I finished couning, numbers 8, 9, 10, and 11 came out too. That's as far as I got. There could be a hundred for all I know (our yard is pretty overgrown on the side.)

Taking a picture was hard, because they're all so fast, and they scatter when they're scared. So I couldn't get close. I included arrows though, to try to help.

As I came close, they all ran through a hole in our fence, and then out of the brush came a bunny, who ran too. The mom & dad quails flew to the top of the fence, conversed for a while about what to do about me watching them, and then flew away. Hopefully they didn't abandon the 11 little ones forever. It sounded like they came back though.

At least our overgrown garden is growing something this year.

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Stephanie said...

seriously, where do you guys live?