Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Almost on the Move

This little girl cannot sit still. If I sit her on the ground, she immediately moves to her hands and knees. She can't do much in that position, but oh, she wants to.

She rocks back and forth, and if she's motivated enough (i.e. if there's a remote or a cat nearby) she will lunge for it. She's also good at getting to where she wants to go using a complicated series of rolls, scoots, twists, and pivots. It's quite impressive.

It's time to baby-proof.


Tori :) said...

I hope you never find a dead cricket in her mouth... Long story.

She's BEA.U.TI.FUL!!

melmck said...

I'm happy to know that she can pivot. I can't wait to see her again!

Cathy said...

Dido to Mel's comment. I hate that she's at the house and I can't be there... I probably wouldn't get that much Sophie time anyways with Nana so close by... selfish

Macey Kay said...

So fun! I bet Sophie is getting spoiled rotten! But the good kind of spoiled, of course.

Erin said...

she is so cute!

will you email me so I have your email address?