Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Busy with Family

Sophie & I spent the beginning of the week with relatives so that Jake could get a good start on studying for finals. Sophie, as always was super busy the whole time. Everyone finally learned what I was talking about, as they tried to hold her but she tried to grab whatever pen, paper, remote, cup, plate, rag, rubber band, or phone was within her reach.

While we were gone, Sophie learned to pull herself up onto her hands and knees, and rock back and forth. It won't be long. . .

She can also use furniture or my leg to pull herself up to her knees. She gets stuck there, and can't go further up or down, but she's pretty proud of it.

Nana let her eat Cheerios for breakfast, which she loved. She worked so hard to get an O into her hand, and then transfer it into her mouth.

She was quite successful, but a lot of the time, she ended up just getting her thumb into her mouth. Equally tasty.

Here she is sporting her new summertime shorts. She's got the legs for them, so she's flaunting her stuff.


Stephanie said...

yah, she definitely has the legs for them! it was fun to see her.

diana rose said...

i loved the photo journaling of the cheerio consumption. it reminded me of how far ava has come with her eating skills.

melmck said...

You are so lucky she will sit and pose for you like that. How adorable!