Monday, September 19, 2011

A Shower for Baby Hazel

I'm all about parties this summer. This past weekend, it was for Cathy and Baby Hazel. We went with a literal "shower"/picnic theme to complement Cathy's gray, pink, & turquoise nursery.

Check out our yummy picnic spread!

It turned out really cute! Thanks to Stephanie, I didn't have to climb up onto my parents' dining room table in all my 8-month-belly glory to hang up the decorations.

I also set up a craft table for the guests to make something for Cathy. I used the same hair clip materials that I had used earlier this summer for Pia's shower, and also set up a onesie-making station (no pictures of the completed projects, but they turned out really cute).


Macey said...

It was so beautiful-you guys did a great job and you and Cathy looked adorable. Fun shower!

diana said...

hey, hazel was our alternate name for adele! i still love it and want to use it for our next girl, if we end up with another girl.