Monday, October 10, 2011

Miss Sophie Turned 5!

If you live at our house, you know that Sophie turned 5 on Friday, because she's been counting down to it daily for like 3 weeks. She was SOOO excited. On her birthday, she said to me "I'm 5 now! And tomorrow I'll be 5 too!"

The Birthday Girl

On about the day after her 4th birthday, she declared to me that she wanted a piñata for her next birthday party, and she remembered all year. She also requested a chocolate cake with pink frosting. So we decided to host a party for her with some of her friends from the neighborhood, complete with her requests.

Thanks to a week of gorgeous weather, I decided at the last minute that we could have the entire party out in the front lawn. Outdoor games, pizza on a picnic blanket, a dog piñata, and a chocolate cake with pink frosting. She had a great time!


Macey said...

yay! What a cutie, happy belated to Sophie!!!

stephanie said...

that last picture with ellie and the cake is my favorite.