Sunday, January 23, 2011

Someone Went to Disneyland (not me)

Jake's mom is either a really super nice grandma or a real sucker for a certain 4-year-old girl.

(this one)

She has been dreaming of the day when Sophie would be old enough to take to Disneyland unaccompanied by parents.

We decided that day was here in December. Sophie, her grandma, her grandpa, and her aunt and uncle all flew to California on a late night flight, went to Disneyland in the morning, back again to Disneyland the next day, and flew home that afternoon.

And they all loved every minute of it. It was Sophie's first trip to Disneyland where she was old enough to ride most of the rides, and she was fearless. In fact, she officially changed her favorite ride from the Teacups to Tower of Terror.

Seriously. The ride I can only convince myself to ride once per trip is her favorite ride. She loved how the falling elevator lifted her off her seat and made her feel like she was flying. But don't use the phrase "feel like you were flying" around her, because she will quickly correct you. "NO! I was REAL fwying. I PWOMISE! Yike a Shupa Hero"

She had an awesome time. She still talks about it all the time, and I'm really glad we let her go. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!


Mimi said...

I can totally hear her say those words now, Yike a Shupa Hearow.

What a fun trip. Tommy was jealous!

Macey said...

Oh ho wfun, what a cute and lucky girl!

Emily said...

A fwying shupa hero?! That is amazing.

diana said...

how fun! what nice grandparents she has!