Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Am I Taller Yet?

Over the summer, Stephanie posted about a growth chart she found on etsy, and so I decided to copy her. I mean, it's from a shop called Abbie's House - how could I not?

So I finally got it all put together. I did mine a little different - I bought a 6 inch board instead of 8 inches, and had it cut to 7 feet tall instead of 6 so that I can have taller children. I also asked the wonderful shop owner if she'd make me an additional cutout that said "The L_______ Family" to put on the top of the board. And she did. For FREE. How great is that?

And now Sophie can ask me daily if she's taller than 41 inches yet.


Macey said...

You are so smart Abbie...7 feet? Genius! Your kids will be giants. Love it.

Robin said...

Why does she need to get taller than 41"? She can already go on all the cool rides at Disneyland.

shauntel said...

Oh I love it!

Kim said...

Sophie is beautiful!

diana said...

ooh, i want this.

i might copy, don't judge.