Friday, May 14, 2010

Foodie Friday #18 - Hula's Modern Tiki

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Hula's Modern Tiki
4700 N Central Ave, Phoenix
Price: $$

Taste: * * * *
S&A: * * * * *
Value: * * * * *

After hearing good things about this place, we had it on our short list of restaurants we wanted to try. So when a Groupon came for it last week, Jake bought it immediately. We got a $30 gift certificate for $15. "Modern Tiki" describes it exactly. Nice, clean modern take on a Hawaiian theme.

Hula's has two menus. A Monday through Friday menu and a condensed Saturday/Sunday brunch menu. Since we went on a Saturday, we were there for the brunch. We both ordered lunch-style items, but noticed that a lot of customers ordered breakfast, and we thought all their plates looked delicious.

While the menu is small, we actually had a really hard time deciding what to order. Everything sounded so good. I went with the Mango Chicken Salad. It was a ceasar salad topped with mangos and a nicely seasoned (kinda spicy) blackened chicken breast. It was very tasty and very large.

Jake ordered the Luau Pork Sandwich, which is described on the menu as "heaven on a bun". Sweet pork topped with cole slaw. The flavor was amazing - absolutely fantastic. He ordered it with a basket of sweet potato fries - which was big enough to share.

We will definitely be back, coupon or not. The menu is so diverse that we're anxious to try everything on it.

Overall Rating: 4½ Stars


Cathy said...

We'll come too. Have fun at comedy night

Robin said...

Sounds great. You need to invite us next time you go somewhere cool so trent can see there are reasons to occasionally leave mesa.

Emily said...

Sounds YUM. We should do a group date next time I'm in town.

☂niki said...

we really like this place. boyd did all the audio work for it.