Thursday, May 06, 2010

Art Gallery

I have had this page torn from my Family Fun magazine for a year and a half now, and finally got everything together that I needed to make it.


My Wall:

I got all the frames from various garage sales and thrift stores. Since I wanted fancy looking frames, I just accidentally ended up with all gold-toned pieces. I initially planned on spraying them all an aqua color, but I've left them as-is for now because I kind of like the gold art gallery feel it has. I may change my mind later though.

A little about the art: The pink drawing in the large oval is a portrait of Jake. And the blue watercolor is a "happy monster". It's my personal favorite. Sophie drew it all by herself without any direction from me.


Robin said...

I love it! It would be nice to see my fridge too!

iheartmesa said...

I need to do this. Thanks for the inspiration.

melmck said...

awesome idea! so cute.