Friday, January 02, 2009

Foodie Friday #12 - Giant Hamburgers

Welcome back to Foodie Friday.
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Giant Hamburgers

2753 E. Broadway, Mesa

Price: $

Taste: * * * * *
S&A: * * * *
Value: * * * * *

Giant Hamburgers is a tiny restaurant located in a grocery store parking lot, next to a Subway. The place consists of an order counter & a couple of booths. The menu is short - hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hotdogs, etc, as well as a small breakfast menu.

Jake and I both ordered the cheeseburger when we went, and shared a side of fries. The burger was giant. And very simple - the way a cheeseburger should be. Good quality meat, freshly cut tomatoes (I saw them being sliced), lettuce, cheese, and grilled onions.

The fries tasted crispy & homemade, and came in a good portion for the price. I saw someone order a shake, which also looked delicious, but that can't be verified, since it was too cold to actually order one for ourselves.

Jake wants to try everything on the menu, and I definitely want to try a breakfast - which is served all day. This place is awesome, and I highly recommend it. We'll be back. Soon.

Overall Rating: 4¾ Stars


stephanie said...

oooh, we LOVE giant hamburgers. and their shakes are great, just fyi.

MeL said...

Philip and his brothers-in-law go there after every Priesthood session and get disgusting amounts of food for like a nickel, and LOVE every second of it.

Do they accept cards yet? The one time I went there with Philip when we were engaged, I had to write them a check because we had no cash.

Lauren said...

Abbie, there is a Mexican grill (that is really inexpensive) on Horne and Broadway called "Moreno's". You order your hot dog inside, then go outside to the little stand to pick it up.

Also there is a little stand on the corner of Country Club and University (NE corner). They are always there at night, never doing the day.