Friday, July 25, 2008

It Was My Birthday

I had a birthday (shout hooray). For my birthday, I got gift cards. Lots of gift cards. So Jake took Sophie and me to Arizona Mills mall yesterday to do some birthday shopping while he did some study walking. And boy, did I go shopping. Let me share some of my birthday treasures with you.

Another casual summer skirt

Big bag from the Gap (clearance: $6.99)

Dress (Marshall's clearance: $10.00)

Sunday Skirt

After purchasing this skirt, I had to head back to the Gap to buy some shoes I had passed up the first time around (clearance: $8.50)

And this cute little body spray "So Pink"
(insert Robin/Jake/Susan's comments here "WHAT? Abbie bought body spray???!!?!?!")

I also ordered a swimming suit online:

This is the first suit I've ever owned, I'm pretty sure, that didn't come from the racks of Ross. I'm pretty excited about it.

And finally, these glasses, you know, to match the suit. (& to accentuate my new haircut, a birthday gift from Jake's mom)

Not pictured: Swim cover, lounge capris (Ross, Stephanie.) .

Now I'll be all stylish for our upcoming vacation (San Diego).


diana rose said...

sweet deals... makes me want to go shopping. oh, and i love that swimsuit, so retro.

shauntel said...

ooh, love the green shoes! i could use a shopping spree. :)

stephanie said...

must go to ross. cute stuff!

erin said...

we have to meet up when you come to San Diego!

Robin said...

Body spray AND it's called So Pink! The suit is the cutest in the world, but I am scared to make that kind of purchase online. I hope it is perfect!