Friday, February 10, 2006

15 Minute Break

I take a 15 minute break every afternoon. I justify my time by the fact that 1/2 of all the employees at my office take 6-8 10 minute smoking breaks each day. I take a watch with me to make sure I am gone exactly 15 minutes each time, and I use my time to walk.

I realized I enjoyed walking in college when I invented "Study Walks". Study Walks were necessary for me because I found that my brain needed to do 2 things at once when I tried to study. So if I was studying in my apartment, my brain would start wandering to other non-study subjects. But, if I was walking, my brain focused on walking as it's other thing to think about. It worked beautifully. I even got a roommate to start doing it, and Jake does it now too.

Anyway, another reason why I like walking is because I have the smallest lung capacity of anyone I know, so I'm not able to run for excercise.

Some rules to my walking:
  1. Change into tennis shoes if you are in work shoes.
  2. Walk for 15 minutes.
  3. Carry a cup of water (it keeps your elbow up [to strengthen your abs] without looking like an idiot).
  4. Don't walk in unsafe places.
  5. Choose a different route if the stupid guys across the street are on one of their "we listen to Linkin Park from our truck radio and hang out" breaks, which are quite frequent.
So, if you are in South Tucson around 3:30pm, you may just see me walking around my office complex. You'll know it's me because I'm the one carrying the cup of water.


Stephanie said...

what a great tip about carrying a cup of water to strengthen the abs and not look retarded while doing it. "study walks" sound brilliant, too. i wish i had known about them in college. maybe i would have gotten better grades.

Susan said...

I like you better than I like Jake, but I do think he is the smartest kid in his class