Monday, February 06, 2006

Saturday is a Special Day

Jake & I had a very busy weekend,
but we got a lot accomplished.

We put a bunch of stuff on craigslist.

And with that money we went to Lowes and...

bought a new kitchen light...

and new flowers for our front yard. We also...

Cleaned up the front yard.

And while we were doing that, we noticed

Our peach tree's first blossoms of the season!

Overall, it was a very enjoyable time.


Stephanie said...

i love the blue you used on your walls. it is so pretty. do you remember what it is called? i am in the midst of picking wall colors. also, is jake vacuuming your front yard? it kind of looks like a vacuum.

Jake said...

I'm what you might call "blogtarded". I'm just checking to see if this comment thing works.