Thursday, July 17, 2008

Self-Serve Snack

This morning as I was perusing the fridge for breakfast, Sophie opened the fridge's fruit drawer, took out a small tomato (it is a fruit), and ate the whole thing.

Now, as lunch time approaches, I just found her sitting at the kitchen table with 2 large tomatoes that she managed to swipe from the bowl in the center of the table. She alternated the tomatoes with each bite.

What can I say? The girl loves her some tomatoes (I can't blame her. These are vine-ripe tomatoes fresh from the Farmer's Market.)

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Amy said...

That's just way too cute. She's my kind of girl-- fresh tomatoes are meant to be eaten like that. Did you get my email? I wasn't sure if I sent it to an address that you used. It's so fun to be back in touch!