Monday, February 04, 2008

The Whole Banana

Sophie's new love: The WHOLE Banana.

Not banana sections.

Those are for babies.

p.s. has anyone else ever realized that a banana splits by itself into 3 sections lengthwise? Awesome.


Stephanie said...

i like your new profile pic.

nora lee said...

i also like your new pic.
i learned that little trick with the banana a few years ago. pretty nifty.

Robin said...

She's quite sophisticated in her tastes. And yes I've noticed. Its quite convenient.

diana rose said...

what a cute and fantastic banana consumer she is!

does she desperately ask for a banana and then once she gets it takes one or two bites and decides she's done with it? that's what ava does.

and yes, i love how it splits into three pieces. i eat it that way because it's obviously how nature intended it to be eaten.

Macey Kay said...

What a big girl...We love bananas...but Kiley also drops them after her 'banana rush' has passed.

Emily said...

Adam showed me the banana thirds a couple years ago, pretty cool.