Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Handygirl for Hire

Hi! I'm Sophie and I want to be your handygirl. Your right-hand baby for all your project needs. I'd like to take this time to tell you why I'm qualified for the job.

I like to use tools.

Mmm, a rock. Delicious......

Do you want some rocks too?

No? OK, more for me I guess.

Oh yeah. Back to what I was saying. I'm professionally trained in gardening.

Here I am....gardening.

Oooh, another rock. Yum.

I can also provide carpentry skills. I have many specialty tools, including spatulas.

I always clean up after myself,

And I'm a wizard with a screwdriver.

I'm quite focused on the job.

That was tough!

But I can handle it.

Oh, what's this?

More rocks! Mmmmmmm.

Right. Um, back to work.

Not only do I work hard, I also provide gifts. Here's a rock for you!

(Paid Break Time required.)

So what do you say?


nora lee said...

Hey Sophie-
You can come work at our house. Our entire backyard is rocks!
I love your shirt. And your tights are cute too!

Stephanie said...

loving the shorts/tights combo. we miss sophie.

Macey Kay said...

We don't need a handygirl, but Kiley could use a cousin to play with. Maybe sometime you could take Jake to school on a short day and we could rendezvous at the park/our house/the zoo!

nana said...

And I bet she's cheaper than a Mexican! It's about time she got a job.

Kim said...

This an absolutely darling post. I loved all of it. You should make a book out of this. So clever!

I agree with Nana, it's about time Sophie got a job. She looks ready for it to me. Time to get a paper route.
(It's tough being a Lewis kid)

Jake, I like the first picture and the second to last picture. I am hoping Dad will make on of those into a screen saver for us.

Robin said...

We've got rocks and tools galore at our house. Come on over.

diana rose said...

you mean sophie's been living off you guys for over a year? we started making ava earn her keep around here at about 6 months.

Teachin' this mommy new tricks! said...

Oh gosh she is just cute!!!!!

Bob said...

Sophie sure is a sweetheart, Ihave a lot of work to do and a huge cat to help her.

Emily said...

She looks very helpful and darling. And it looks like she likes rocks as much as Jonah likes dog and cat food.