Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Designed to Sell

Taking tips from my favorite HGTV show, Jake and I have made some improvements to our house, hoping to help us get top dollar. Or, you know, just selling it would be nice too.

So here I present to you the final products of all of our hard work:

BEFORE .............................. AFTER

Guest Bath

(new mirror & light fixture)

Master Bath

(new mirror, light fixture, & accessories; stained cabinets)

Exterior Lights

Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Handles & Locks

New Wooden Column Covers for Back Yard Patio
(column & cover painted w/ house colors)

View from the Back Door

(new garden area & back wall decals)

Right Side of Yard

(new raised planter & plants)

Side Yard

(cleared out weeds, planted garden, added stepping stones)


Robin said...

I love Designed to Sell! You guys did an amazing job! I know it will pay off, I would definitely buy a house that had those upgrades as opposed to one that's more standard!

Mrs. Burns said...

Wow. I love the bathroom. You guys did great. I hope you sell soon.

Stephanie said...

it looks awesome, abbie. i hope it sells soon!

Macey Kay said...

It looks great in real life too!

Leslie said...

WOW! you guys did some hard work! now i'm feeling all this pressure, our house goes on the market soon.

great job!!

ps i love how you worded everything just as that english dude would have said it. e.g., "top dollar"

nora lee said...

very nice. i love the bathroom cabinet and all the new lights. it all looks really good.

Emily said...

Looks fantastic!

nana said...

It looks very good. And your mountain view is spectacular!!

Jennifer said...

Hi, I don't even know you, but I found you through a link to a link to a link, but I love designed to sell too and just want to tell you that it looks Great!! I hope you succeed at selling your home.