Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sophie's First Birthday Party

To celebrate Sophie's first birthday, we had a little party at Nana's house. I wanted to make her a mini double-layer round cake, so I baked 2 9-inch round cakes, and cut smaller circles out of them. And then, wouldn't you know it, I was able to put the remaining 9-inch crescents together and form an "S", so everyone else was able to enjoy Sophie's "S" cake.

Here is the progression of the cake:

Awesome, right? We then took this little one in for a quick sink bath and a change of clothes, and moved on to opening presents. Sophie got a big doll and a little doll and some cute clothes. She loved all of it.

Help from Mabel & Oliver

Poking her new baby's eyes out



nora lee said...

Happy Birthday Sophie!!!

melmck said...

man she's cute! glad to see she enjoyed that cake!

Kim said...

This set of pictures is seriously adorable and hilarious. She looks drunk on chocolate in that last cake picture.

When she is not so scared of it you will have to post a picture of her with her rocking horse.

diana rose said...

first of all, i love the "s" cake.

secondly, i love that she destroyed her cake... ava ate hers pretty neatly, it was a little disappointing.

Lauren said...

What a cute party! She is so pretty!