Monday, October 15, 2007

Animal Noises

(Jake and Sophie reading a book with flaps together)

Jake: What's near the light bulb?
(Sophie lifts light bulb flap)
Jake: A moth! What's hiding in the grass?
(Sophie pulls down the grass flap)
Jake: A snake! Sssssssssssssss.
Sophie: Sssssssssssss
Jake: Yea! That's right! A snake! Ssssssssssss.
Sophie: Sssssssssssss
Jake: Abbie, did you hear her? She made a snake noise!
Abbie: Yeah, that's awesome!
Jake: Sssssssssssss
Sophie: Sssssssssssss
Jake: (continuing with the book) What's inside the shell?
(Sophie lifts the shell flap)
Jake: A snail!
Sophie: Sssssssssssssss


Jamie said...

So cute!

melmck said...

that is hilarious! i love her!

nana said...

She is so smart! She is not about to just take your word for anything. That just may be the sound a snail makes.

Macey Kay said...

Oh so smart...and cute

Kim said...

How appropriate for a little Arizona girl to make the sound of a snake for her first sound. I can't wait until Sophie is talking non-stop. I need some girl talk around here!

diana rose said...

give sssssssophie a sssssssqueeze for me!