Thursday, July 06, 2006

A San Francisco Treat

Thanks to the wedding of a brother-in-law, Jake and I got to spend the 4th of July weekend in San Francisco. We enjoyed great food and great sites, and we really enjoyed our long weekend off of work.

Note to self for future trips to San Francisco: Do not drive through the Italian District just as Italy wins its soccer game again. It will be really loud and crowded. It's a good thing Jake looks Italian, or we may have had some problems.

Here are some of the highlights from the rest of the trip.

We drove up a bridge leading into heaven.

We visited the Golden Gate Bridge.
Jake played frisbee at a park with his brother and dad.
We drove down the coast and visited the beaches.
We saw a lot of beautiful flowers.
We found some sunbathing turtles.

And we found this little guy checking us out
as we walked through Golden Gate Park.
We had a very fun and relaxing time. It was great to spend time in a big city. Our next vacation will include a baby and all the gear babies like to tow around with them, so we were very grateful for this trip!


Emily said...

That flower picture is great. Don't you just love Golden Gate Park and SF in general?!!

Jake said...

I have to admit that if I had a million or 2 to drop on a 1000 sq ft condo, we'd move there this week. It really is a beautiful and unique city, especially compared with generic Phoenix and its cookie-cutter suburbs filled with tract housing, strip malls, and chain restaurants.

diana rose said...

bryce and i love san francisco, we want to go to school there...

traveling with a baby is crazy, it's amazing how much stuff you need to bring... i'm glad you had a chance to enjoy one last trip alone together! stay tuned to my blog for my travel adventures with ava...

Robin said...

Your trip looks way fun, I've never been there. Lake Powell is the only vacation I can count on and I get to go every year, I love it, but gotta say I would love to see some new places. I have asked Trent if we can travel the US in a big motorhome when we are wrinkly retired people.

Jake said...

Robin, that's funny, cause me and Abbie have talked about doing that too. I think it would be really fun.

Oh, and Abbie, will you put a link to Diana's blog on yours?