Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Home Stretch

Well, the number of weeks left until my due date has officially entered the single digits. I have 9 weeks (and 5 days) left until Baby Girl is scheduled to arrive. By the time we move back into our house in Tucson, it'll be 6 weeks, 3 days. It's so crazy to think that I was counting the weeks when I was less than 6 weeks along, and now the (time)tables have turned.

My pre-baby project list is quite extensive, but one of my top résumé items is that "I thoroughly enjoy taking on and completing large tasks". I'm a project person. I love everything I'm working on, and can't wait to see further progress in each of them. (of course, pictures of projects and final products will be posted as they are taken on).

When I think of having a baby, I always just try to imagine what life will be like with a baby in the house, I never think about what the delivery will be like. It's not that I'm avoiding thinking of the delivery. To me, it's like getting married. Some girls focus solely on getting to wear a big fancy dress and having a party dedicated to them. Others focus on what marriage will be like, and whether or not they are prepared for an eternal committment. I loved planning my wedding (again - a project) but I wasn't focused on that day alone. The same thing applies here.

These are just some thoughts I had today.


the dubs said...

i'm with you on that last issue, even though i have 15 weeks left to go myself. i mean, i'm sure labor hurts like heck, but it is one day of your life. (or two at the most -- and please say neither of us has to endure that.) and so many women have done it, many who i like to think are bigger whimps than myself. so keep that focus on the future!

mommy diana said...

abbie you're awesome. i'm a project person as well, i love the feeling of accomplishment. how'd your glider turn out? i'm just about finished with mine, now all i have to do is paint it.

i'm sure that you'll do great in the delivery room and at home with your new baby girl. your motherly instincts will take over and you'll soon find yourself caring for that baby like a veteran!

babies are amazing... just amazing miracles.

my advice to you is to focus on you and your hubby for a bit and enjoy the alone time that you have together now. keep yourself educated/prepared about the upcoming delivery but don't have too many expectations entering the delivery room... everyone's labor/delivery is different... don't let anyone scare you.

sorry for such a long comment.

Robin said...

Hooray! 9 weeks, it is so close, I can't believe it!

Emily said...

You are so wise.