Monday, May 27, 2013

Tucson Day Trip

Last Friday, our family decided to take a day trip to Tucson. We wanted to visit a couple of the places that we enjoyed while we were living there a couple of years ago, including our old house, the hospital where Sophie was born, and the zoo.

We set out mid-morning, and our first stop was Reid Park Zoo.

We love this zoo. It's small, but packed with exhibits. Our kids each had their favorites, and we were surprised at how much Mary enjoyed the whole experience. "AN-MOWS!"

After the zoo, we were off to El Guero Canelo for Sonoran Hot Dogs. Then we drove through our old neighborhood, saw our old house (and the tiny tree we planted growing strong!), and remembered how pretty our area was.

 Our House

 The View Across the Street

The Mountain in our Back Yard

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Macey said...

So fun! I remember all of those things :)