Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sam's Cake Party

Instead of having a full-on birthday party for Sam this year, we just invited our families over for cake. I made 2 cakes for Sam to accommodate all of his in-town relatives, and they both turned out quite delicious.

Sam's cheeks full of air as he blows out his candles

Sam got some great gifts too. Cars cars (which, unfortunately, he opened first and wouldn't put them down while he opened the rest of his gifts), a dump truck, a Buzz Lightyear rocket (see his awesome expression when he opened it below), clothes, books, and a new car duvet to go on his bed when he transitions out of a crib.

We had a great day all day. I'm convinced Sam knew it was a special day for him. He was in a good mood, and he would just grin whenever we said "Happy Birthday" to him.

And today he either has to have all 3 of his new Cars cars with him or his Buzz Rocket. He's a happy camper though.

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