Friday, August 19, 2011

Laundry Room Makeover

I've always been frustrated with how big our laundry room was, but how really non-functional it was too. So after doing lots of space planning, and being inspired by this room, I finally decided it was time to do something about it.

I bought my paint a while ago, but painting a functioning laundry room is not an easy task. It involves painting a wall, moving large heavy items, painting, moving, etc. Lucky for us, we had a pipe burst in there about 2 weeks ago, which forced the contents of the entire room to evacuate, and we took full advantage of the situation.

I didn't take "before" pictures until the furniture moving process had already begun.

SEMI-BEFORE .............................. AFTER

View from the door

We removed our old (dumpster diving finds) metal shelves and replaced them with wall-mounted wooden shelves. These act as an extension of our super tiny kitchen pantry. We also painted and added a new rug.

The upper shelves that run across the whole room are all higher than 7 feet off the ground, and are for our longer-term food storage. Jake built all of these and he did an AMAZING job.

Washer & Dryer Area

We (Jake again) added some shelves above the washer for detergent and basket storage. I also made new charcoal & white curtains (that match the new rug)

View out the door
Here you can see our new drying rack and another view of the upper shelves. We also added an ironing board hook on this wall.

The only other thing planned for the room is a small chest freezer that will go next to the dryer.

Yay for completed projects!

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Cathy said...

Amazing! I'll have to come see it.