Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Memorial Day/Housewarming Party

After a YEAR of living in our new house, we finally threw our housewarming party. I was so busy from start to finish though, that I forgot to take pictures until it was already dying out.

Friends & Family having an AWESOME time

Our sparking blue pool, new lounge chairs,
and newly painted/reupholstered (by yours truly) deck chairs

We had a really great turnout, awesome food, and tons of fun! Chairs and lots of tables of foods were set up in the back yard, the pool was constantly full of kids, and I set up "before" pictures in all of the rooms of our house so that people could see the improvements we've made on the house since we moved in.

One of the three food tables

More screaming good times

Thanks to everyone who came. We had a really fun time!


Macey said...

Awesome party, beautiful home.

stephanie said...

we totally had an awesome time.

Kim said...

Your house and yard looks so amazing. You guys have done such a great job making your house look cool.
Fun Party!

nana said...

Good times were had by all. Sorry I missed Kim and Jordan. The food was fabulouso. Lots of fun desserts from your friends and neighbors!

diana said...

it was a good time, and i loved snooping around your house.