Monday, June 28, 2010

34 Hours in SLC (with 27 hours of driving)

We took a trip this weekend that was almost equal parts driving and destination. Friday afternoon as soon as Jake got home from an early day at work, we loaded ourselves, some clothes, some junk food, and like all of Sam's belongings and hit the road.

A potty break within Phoenix city limits, another at some dirt road exit (involving new underclothing) and yet a third in Flagstaff got us off to a rocky start. After removing all beverage-like substances from the back seat, we started again. After that, albeit long, the trip was pretty smooth sailing.

We arrived in Salt Lake City around 3am Saturday, completely exhausted, only to find our 10-month-old bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to play. Jake took him because he was still pumped full of caffeine so I could get some sleep.

A couple hours later we were waking up and getting ready for the day. We were in Salt Lake to attend the funeral of Jake's grandpa Mont. It was very nice and we all were glad we could be there, but I really wish we could have spent more time all of Jake's family and cousins. Unfortunately we saw everyone for about 15 minutes afterward before they all had to leave for Idaho for the burial service. Since we were still recovering from our journey, we didn't continue on with them. Instead, we headed back to where we were staying so the kids could nap.

After naps, we headed down to Temple Square to visit the gardens, visitors center, and Tabernacle. It was really nice and the weather made me question why we live in the desert.

The next day we slept in, packed up, and headed for home. This trip was much better, and we would have cut an hour and a half off of our drive time if our battery didn't die 90 minutes out of Phoenix, leaving us stranded for an hour and also if we weren't the first vehicle on the scene of a rolled over semi truck (they were OK, luckily).

But, you know, besides that, everything was just great.


stephanie said...

We missed you guys.

Cathy said...

Fick was totally ok with us checking on him and watching a little soccer. It was the first time he never tried to bite me. He just let me scratch his itchy head and got pretty offended when I stopped to get rid of the hair on my hands.

Bulloch Family said...

I'm sorry to hear about Jake's grandpa. Even in the midst of a sad occasion, your trip sounded like a fun weekend getaway!

shauntel said...

We just made a quick trip for a funeral as well, but ours was only to San Diego. Not quite as long in the car. It also made us question our home location.

Beth at Aunties said...

I loved seeing your beautiful children and also wished we had had more time to visit. I am so glad you all came and even sang. I also know it meant alot to grandpa:) Hope we can visit more soon.

Macey said...

Wow, what a trip!