Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So It Turns Out...

My bedroom door lock is keyed.

Wanna know how I figured that out? Sophie locked the door on her way out this morning. And, we no longer have any of the keys that came with the house, because we rekeyed all the exterior doors when we moved in (didn't think to check bedroom doors).

Windows: locked
Door Hinges: inside bedroom
Door Knob Screws: inside bedroom
Jake's Drill (I hear you can just drill through a lock to bust it open): inside bedroom
Baby: in his own room (did I scare you?)

The door opens into the bedroom, so the frame blocks any chance of using a credit card, etc to get in. So now we're waiting for a locksmith. To open my bedroom door. Seriously.

One of the worst parts: we just got all new interior door handles for Christmas. We just haven't installed them yet. They're on our massive to-do list.


Macey said...

Hmmm...hope your food isn't stored in the bedroom too. Good luck with the locksmith, that is too ironic.

Jennifer said...

Wait! Don't call the locksmith! It just so happens the Badgetts are expert lock busters. All you need is one big pipe wrench. Put it on the doorknob and just keep turning it. The doorknob will break, and the door will be fine. Yes, we have done this many, many a time and it works like a charm.

Kim said...

Well, Jennifer may have solved your problem but can you just go through the window? By the way, you almost scared me but I didn't think you would be blogging about locking your baby in the bedroom.

Emily said...


Kim said...

I'm kind of getting tired of looking at this doorknob