Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mobile Modification

I made Sam's mobile. It's part of a tree branch from our back yard with stitched felt birds suspended from it. I love it because it's simple, it matches his decor, and because I love birds. But even more than all of that, I love it because for some miraculous reason, Sam loves to look at it.


He especially loves to look at it if you get it spinning a couple times and he can watch it rotate.


I bought a spinning motor. And he's in love.



Anonymous said...

Annie you are genius...I love the mobile. Sam's squeals are so adorable

Tiffany Haynes said...

So Cute!!! I love it.

Emily said...

Great video, I watched it three times because Jonah and Elora each needed their own turn to see it too.

shauntel said...

That's so cool. And he's so cute.

Kim said...

Cute! And, no door knob!