Monday, May 04, 2009

"Um Show"

"Um show, um show".

That's the phrase that comes out of Sophie's mouth most frequently these days. ("myself")

We are no longer allowed to help her wash her hands, brush her teeth (we help anyway), climb in or out of her crib, eat, get into her car seat, get a drink of water, put her pants on, put her shoes on, etc.

Not only that, but anything that I do now requires the help of Sophie ("Help Mama."). So now I can no longer do the dishes, look in the fridge for anything, walk into the kitchen, put laundry in the washer, move laundry to the dryer, turn on the TV, or leave the room without a helper.

On a Saturday night trip to Wal-Mart (our weekends are totally exciting right now), Jake and Sophie spent the entire time trying to buckle Sophie into the shopping cart. She had to do it "um show". But when she couldn't get it, she asked Jake for "help peeeeeeeeee", and then the instant Jake touched the buckle, Sophie grabbed it away and exclaimed "um show" to him. (Why would he even dare try to help?) Aaaaand, repeat.

We're having fun watching her grow, and are in complete shock at least once a day when she says a new word or starts to sing a new song that we had no idea she knew. An independent 2-year-old is a tough thing to adjust to, but really great too.


nana said...

She must also wash her hands by herself and pull up the step stool, and walk the dog, and carry large items around, and run in large circles.

Emily said...

I hear "help oo" a lot which usually means Jonah needs me to help him with something. He's been helping me with laundry, cooking, etc. for awhile now. I still try to do dishes when the kids are otherwise occupied just to save my sanity.