Friday, December 12, 2008

Foodie Friday #10 - Tradiciones

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1602 E. Roosevelt, Phoenix

Price: $$$

Taste: * * *
S&A: * * * *
Value: * * *

Jake and I had been to Tradiciones before, and returned for one thing: the fundido. It's an appetizer, and it's basically a small pot of melted Mexican cheese & a pile of tortillas. And it's delicious.

We went as a big group this time, and when it came time to order our meals, Jake and I couldn't remember what we had ordered the last time. And then after our meal, we figured out why. Everything we got was average or worse. The meat was poor quality, and anyone that ordered a seafood dish left disappointed.

Some highlights though: there's no skimping on the guacamole, the beans were good, and so was the flan.

What we learned from the experience: Stick to the basics. This is a traditional Sonoran restaurant - order accordingly. I think if we had all ordered more wisely, we would have all been more satisfied with our meal.

Overall Rating: 3¼ Stars

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Jake said...

I think that your 3 star rating is right, but the description of all of the food as "average or worse" isn't giving them enough credit. True, the seafood was ALL a disappointment, but I ordered the grilled meat plate (parrillada) and thought all of the meat was good, except the carne asada which, although it was flavorful, was made with cheap, tough, fatty meat. The pork that came in the parrillada was exceptional, and so was the prickly pear salsa that came with it. And the fresh, warm chips and salsa were awesome, although the tomato salsa was a little heavy on the tomato flavor.

The other thing that this place has against it is the location. It's a little too far. I'll go out of my way for great food, but the food has to be great. This place isn't worth the drive if you're out in Mesa. Does anybody have a decent East Valley traditional Mexican recommendation?