Monday, February 26, 2007

When It Rains, It Pours

When it rains, it pours. Or in Sophie's case, when she goes, she blows.
(Yes, this is another post about poo. Feel free to skip if if you desire)

This little girl can only produce massive explosions, and I'm not sure what to do about it. I've gone through 3 in the last 9 days. And I mean GOOD explosions, the kind where you're not sure whether or not her (or your) clothing will survive the wash. So far it's about 50/50.

The explosion last Monday occurred in the back seat of my car (one of her favorite places to explode). I came to a point, as she was sitting on my lap and yellow goo was dripping down MY leg and pooling on the car seat, where I was looking around the car thinking to myself, "What do I suddenly not care about anymore? What of the few personal posessions that I brought with me can I now use as a changing pad?" Luckily, my pants survived. Sadly, a bib, a burp rag that Stephanie made me, and a onesie did not.

The explosion yesterday happened at church. Luckily, she was in layers, and the top layer survived, but she had to go through half of church in a sleeveless dress with no socks on.

So what can I do with this child? Does she need a different brand of diaper? She currently wears Huggies. Is she just not Huggies-shaped? Does she need a different size? She probably weighs around 14½ pounds, right in the middle of the size 2 diaper category. Are we putting her diaper on wrong? Seriously, I'm out of ideas. And, I'm out of pink onesies.


diana said...

it's all about pampers swaddlers/cruisers... they're more expensive but worth it. once ava's diaper started leaking frequently it was a sign to me that she needed to move up in diaper size, despite my wish to keep her in the smaller (cheaper) diapers. the extra $$ spent on nicer bigger diapers is definitely worth not having "poo-plosions", as we call it in the denton household.

oh, and the baby dreft stain remover spray that i told you about earlier works great on fresh stains... try it and save those onesies, not to mention your clothes, too!

hope my suggestions help you!

long comment, sorry.

Robin said...

I'm sorry to hear of your loss (the clothes). I'm not sure about diaper choices, I stick to Luvs. As for yellow poo stains, I find that any white bar soap works great. Wet the stain, rub the bar all over it until the bar of soap is turning yellow and wash. I keep one in a bowl on top of my dryer.

Kim said...

It's a good thing she is so cute. Great picture!

melmck said...

i agree with the Pampers comment. it's all i ever used for gracie and when i tried to switch to huggies, she would have exactly what you are describing. pampers swaddlers are the best.

Macey Kay said...

Amen to the Pampers users...We just went through it with Kiley! Huggies are cheaper, but you can get Pampers coupons and it equals out-Last week with Huggies, I had to clean her sheets 4 or 5 times in 1 week! I am swithcing to Huggies as soon as we finish the huge box we bought, thinking we were so smart!

Macey Kay said...

Also, Kiley weighs 14lbs, 11.5 oz-crazy! We need to get our little girls together once Kiley gets over her little cough!

Tori :) said...

I used Swaddlers with Taj because he had the same problem. I also use something called "Hogwash" for poo stains. You can find it online, but try Robin's soap idea 1st. That's easier to come by.
Sophie is a cutie!!

Anonymous said...

I linked your blog from Leslie's and when I read this post I had to tell you about a great product. I am on my third baby (he's 3 months) and swear by the stuff. It is a carpet spray cleaner made by Woolite. Woolite Oxy Deep. Just spray it on your clothes and wash as normal. Repeat as necessary, eventually it will get it all out, but it might take a few cycles. I also spray and then do and all night soak, that usually cuts down on the number of washes to get all the poop. I wish I had found this stuff with my first!

Good luck! (Oh, and your baby is a cutie!)