Monday, February 05, 2007

Some of My Favorites

I've been thinking about doing a post like this for a while now, and then when I saw Tori's post, I became motivated to finally do my own.

So, here is my list of my favorite things (material posessions only, in no particular order)

1. NesquikA couple spoonfuls of this into a tall glass of milk, and I have a super-easy, low calorie way for me to get my daily calcium.

2. Johnson's Nursing PadsSorry, available at Wal-Mart, but not Target for some reason. These stay in place, don't look weird under a shirt, and provide extra comfort, especially for the early days of nursing.

3. My Hair DryerActually, this category applies to anything with a retractable cord. It's pure genius. I love it for my hair dryer because it eliminates under-the-sink cord tangles, but I love retractable cords for my vacuum for a different reason - it's just a pain to wind up a vacuum cord. (retractable cord honorable mention: my hand mixer)

4. Secret DeodorantThe inventors of Secret are awesome for finally realizing that we don't want people to smell us and think, "mmm, I can tell she's wearing 'powder fresh' today." These deodorants actually smell like girly lotion. I have the pear scent.

5. This Picture
I just like it.

6. My Ballerina FigurineI had this in my room all growing up, and now it's in Sophie's room. I'm not sure, but my great grandma may have made it for me. I loved collecting ceramic figurines as a little girl, and I'm so happy that Sophie has one of them now.

7. My Better Homes & Gardens Cook BookIt has all the recipies you need, and they're all simple and taste like you want them to. (Runner up: my 1990 39th Ward Cookbook)

8. Down East BasicsFinally, a company is catering to my extra-long torso and desire to wear semi-low-rise pants. I know, there are other companies that do the same thing now, but they were the first I found, and they just had a great sale (and I have a great husband who got me a gift card there for Christmas)

9. My Turtle CollectionI'm not a big collector in general, but I just love turtles for some reason.

10. My Project OrganizerMan, this makes our office a million times cleaner than it used to be. And it makes me feel more organized.

11. My CameraI take it EVERYWHERE. It makes blogging possible,

and it makes documenting her growth so much fun.

What are some of YOUR favorite things???


Tori :) said...

I FORGOT my CAMERA!! Ugh!! Yes- that's a definite fave.
Great post!

Robin said...

I am so jealous, why don't I have any retractable cords? I have been dying to go to Chandler Mall since that is the closest place to get Downeast! Mmmm, Nesquick!

melmck said...

I love sophie's shirt. I have to get one of those for our new one. Hope all is well with you guys!