Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My House

I live on a street with a 13-letter name. It's the longest name in street-naming history. I'm just glad it's not "Avenida de la Ortega" or something like that. Those names are very common here in Tucson. I love my house here on 13-lettered street. It's our first house and it's almost 3 times as big as our last apartment. You could see our entire apartment from the front door. We didn't even have room for a table in it. Now, we have 3 bedrooms plus a den to furnish. It's wonderful. Not only that, but we got to experiment with paint on the walls.

One of the selling points for us on this house was our view from our back door. Our house backs up to a mountain, and we will never have any back door neighbors, just our mountain. This is a sunset we had one evening in our back yard.

We've now lived in Tuscon for 5 months. Time has gone by really fast. Jake is in his 2nd semester of Law School at the U of A. He really likes the school and the style of teaching and the kids in his class. He even plays basketball and football with them in their spare time.

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Stephanie said...

that is a pretty view from your backyard. i still want to come see your house sometime. i grew up on Old Lamplighter Lane. but Alexanderwood is long, too.

p.s. mike wants me to tell you to help us move on saturday.