Wednesday, August 08, 2012

1st Day of School 2012

It's Kindergarten time! Sophie is beyond excited. She has been counting the days on the calender since preschool let out last May. ("Mom! Only 46 more days til Kindergarten starts!")

Today was finally the big day. She got to wear her new school clothes, pack a lunch in her new lunch box, and carry her big new back pack.


We got to school, dropped her back pack off at the door, and she ran off into the sand to play, never looking back.

 Two Sophies, a little nervous before school

Lucky for you though, I stuck around for a couple more minutes to capture some photos.


See how she's grown in a year here.


Robin said...

It's so crazy what difference a year makes! She is a darling little Kindergartener!

Susan said...

Good Luck, Sophie! Have a great year in kindergarten. Love you, Nana