Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Mary's Blessing

At the beginning of December, Jake blessed Mary at our church. It was great, and we got to spend the whole day with our families.

Earlier in the day, Hazel was also blessed by Ben, so we decided to celebrate together, and had a big extended families dinner. Lots of food, lots of kids running around, and lots of fun.

Here is Mary in her blessing dress. This dress was made by her great-grandma Grace back in the 1950's. She made several hoping that her daughters could use them for their baby blessings, but she never had any girls. So it was packed away and not discovered until a couple of years ago when she died. I feel so lucky to be able to finally use one how she wanted!


Macey said...

Oh Abbie, she is so beautiful. What a great day.

nana said...

That was a great day!! Mary looks so bright and knowing in that top picture.

MaKell Bulloch said...

She is adorable Abbie! What a fun day for you and your family