Tuesday, November 01, 2011

More Mary

On Saturday, we went to a church rummage sale, which are my favorite things to go to to get things I don't need - but really like. This time, it was this vintage chevron throw blanket (among other things).

Since it's soft and comfy, I let Mary snooze on it while I took her picture.

She's soft and comfy too.


Cathy said...

ahhh....you just want to snuggle her.

Cathy said...

Why am I still Cathy? Nana.

melmck said...

I love her! I hope you are coming to my shower so I can see her.

diana said...

abbie, she is a beauty.

i'm so glad i got to hold her and see her in real life. babies are the best!

MaKell Bulloch said...

She is a doll!!