Saturday, November 06, 2010

The State Fair

Sophie braving the giant slide

We headed to the state fair today. We went first thing on a Saturday 2 years ago and decided then that it was the only way to do it. The place is totally deserted. We went straight to the petting zoo, and had the animals all to ourselves. We got to pet llamas, goats, wallabies, donkeys, big fat pigs, and ducks. And I kinda want a goat.

Sophie's favorite part: Feeding the goats
Sam's favorite: When he almost got to kiss a goat (that boy will kiss anything)
My favorite: Watching a wallaby jump over a mama llama. Awesome.

Sophie petting a goat

Here's Sam admiring a wallaby still resting in his pouch
(in this picture you can see the wallaby's head, 2 feet, and his tail)


shauntel said...

i like wallabys.

Emily said...

Those wallabies are gymnasts! I kind of want a goat too. And apparently our cousin Nicole wants a sheep.