Thursday, October 07, 2010

She's 4

Sophie has been counting down months, weeks, and days 'til her birthday. And now that it's finally here, we have one proud girl on our hands. The first thing she did this morning was ask Jake to take the training wheels off her bike, and she dressed herself from the box in her closet that holds clothes that are still to big to wear.

For her birthday this year, Sophie asked for the following:
  1. Drum
  2. Pogo Stick
  3. Clock
  4. Umbrella
  5. Tree House
  6. Guitar
  7. Footie Pajamas
  8. Sled

She got/will be getting 5 of those things.

Happy Birthday Sophie Girl! We love you!


Cathy said...

I'm putting in my guesses for the 5 things she's getting...

1. Drum
2. Clock
3. Umbrella
4. Footie Pajamas
5. Guitar?

She can come play in my tree house any time though.

Kim said...

I love Sophie too! She has brought so much happiness into my life and....she is the cutest girl ever!

Jacie said...

Happy Birthday to Sophie! October 7th is the best day to be born on!

shauntel said...

Happy Birthday Sophie! I can't believe you are 4 years old. Time flies.