Friday, September 17, 2010

300 to 30

I decided that I was going to make a "30 by 30" list. It's a list of things I'd like to do before I turn 30. It doesn't have anything too dramatic on it like a trip around the world or learning a foreign language, as we're on a budget and I'm already 29 and don't have much time to complete the list.

Coincidentally, today marks 300 days until I turn 30, so I thought I'd post the list now. I still have a couple more things to add to it though. I just need to think of them.

30 by 30

1. Grow my hair long

2. Go to the beach

3. Plan a big party

4. Read 5 books

5. Develop a back-to-school plan

6. Find a budget for a nice camera

7. Go on a long weekend with Jake

8. Read the Book of Mormon

9. Make a good friend

10. Make and sell something creative

11. Visit Grandma weekly

12. Write a book

13. Decorate my master bedroom

14. Be stronger

15. Plant an orange tree

16. Have a flower garden

17. Have only one mortgage

18. Be a regular temple patron

19. Get a life insurance policy

20. Have a will

21. Plan a year supply menu

22. Teach the dog a new trick

23. Help Sophie learn to read a whole book

24. Eat an expensive dessert

25. Buy a scanner

26. Expand my business

27. Sew something awesome

28. Prepare for my BP

29. Find temple art that I like


Any ideas?


jckhadlocks said...

That's a good idea! Good luck!

shauntel said...

you could add "go to a water aerobics class at the gym taught by my friend".
only half-joking on that :)

k. double-u. said...

Hooray! I like your list a lot.

I made a list like this, too. I was surprised by how many things I wanted to learn how to make/bake/sew.

nana said...

I was going to say "write a book" but it's already on there. You could re-create your 22nd BP.

Skye said...

Write a book? That's ambitious. That's a great idea, maybe I should start now, that way I would have 3 years.
#30- have another baby.

Emily said...

BP? Birthday party?? Write a book?! A children's book? A novel? Non-fiction? I want more details, especially if you are less than a year away from accomplishing this. Great list.

Kim said...

I am dying of curiosity to see what number 30 turns out to be.