Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Luckily, It Wasn't Sprained

Last week, Sophie decided to perform an amazing feat of athleticism for her uncle just 10 minutes before her bedtime. She claimed that she was "trying to do a somersault off the chair" but what it looked like was a dive from an arm chair to the carpet.

Accompanied by a "POP".

And then a screaming 3-year-old.

We consoled her as best we could and sent her to bed. She had obviously hurt her wrist really bad, and could not calm down or sleep. I wrapped up her wrist and forearm in an Ace bandage, and that seemed to help the pain a little, but she was still up every 30-45 minutes all night that night.

The next evening we took the bandage off and she had no swelling, no bruising, and had full rotation in her wrist. She exclaimed "I think I'm all better now!" And she felt great all week, with just the occasional mention of her arm still hurting a little.

Well, by Sunday, we noticed that she was still really favoring that arm. She wouldn't put any weight on it and didn't use it to do normal things like climb into bed. We decided it must be a pretty bad sprain and an x-ray was in order.

Yeah. It's broken. So this afternoon it was off to the pediatric orthopedist.

Doll in tow. Elo (the doll) was allowed to go everywhere today. Sophie was super brave and very calm the whole time. She got to pick her cast color too. Any guesses?

It hasn't seemed to phase her at all. On the ride home, she said "My arm is locked!" And the only time she got sad was this evening during dinner when she realized that she wouldn't be going swimming for a while.

The day exhausted her, and she fell asleep on our way from the doctor to Yodipity. We'll have to save that for another day I guess.


diana said...

a week!??!!

yeah, good thing it wasn't a sprain.

tough cookie that little girl is.

Emily said...

Poor Sophie! What a trooper. She sure looks stylish in her new cast. You look great too.

Mimi said...

Poor thing with the cast and no swimming. That's got to be the worst part of the whole thing for her. But we love the pink!

stephanie said...

i'm just glad she got to choose a pink cast. that totally makes it better.

Skye said...

That stinks! My friends son just broke his leg and they got a waterproof cast, no such luck for her?

Anonymous said...

Poor girl!! I love the color! :)