Wednesday, September 09, 2009

He's a Snuggler

Just putting Sam down for a nap never seems like a good idea to him. He would prefer you to cuddle him up close to you and bounce him until he is all the way into dreamland. And then if he wakes, could you please start the whole process over?

Here we are mid-morning yesterday. He's wrapped snug in my sling, and I've replaced my computer chair with an exercise ball - which, by the way, is the greatest baby tool in the whole world. Near-effortless highly-effective bouncing.


stephanie said...

yes, the exercise ball is genius. you are very clever.

Beth at Aunties said...

He is adorable! Congratulations! I also agree about the exercise ball...both as a soother for Sam and great for mom!
Our one week old is a bit of heaven right now! Someday I hope all these little cousins can get together:)
Grandpa Mont is very proud of his 10 grandsons and now 10 great grandsons! We taped tiny Sam's picture on his wall. It is so sweet and he is the only grandchild adoring his space.
Somewhere the 8 Great & 6 Granddaughters get lost in his mind:) Grandma Grace would be pleased though, as she longed for daughters.

Again, Congratulations~♥