Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The World Has Turned

It's spring time, which means that the sun is best friends with Sophie's window at like 6:30am. This is what our house looks like in the morning:

No, those aren't herald angels in Sophie's room, that's what it looks like in the AM. And because of it, this week, she began to wake up every morning exactly one hour earlier than last week.

It's a mean trick to those of us not fooled by the sun.


Robin said...

I think you and I could both benfit from blackout shades in our kids' rooms!

diana rose said...

i prepared myself this year in ava's room by sewing some dark curtains. i need my beauty sleep.

Klin said...

3 words-
Room. Darkening. Blinds.
Installed tonight.

They saved me.

Macey Kay said...

We have similar problems...Kiley starts talking WAY earlier these days...Boo. Too bad it's so dang hot during the afternoon, or else I would say let's meet at the park. We'll probably be able to meet at the/a pool over the summer so I'll look forward to that:)