Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Best Deal In Town

All of the children's books at Savers are 69 cents. We have found several brand new or barely used books there, and have greatly increased our book collection. We even found 6 or 7 on Monday - 50% off day. It's hard to beat a new kids book for 34 cents.

Check out our finds!

For Family Night yesterday; Sophie, Jake, & I headed to the park. Sophie & I walked around the park trail and hung out on a quilt while Jake played basketball. We had a great time.

Sophie tried some tummy time, but was too tired to practice lifting her head up.


Robin said...

I am jealous of your awesome finds on books- who needs a lame chain letter? your baby is so gorgeous, I need to hold her and kiss her cuteness very soon. I can only wait about a week.

Lindy said...

you alway find the best deals! sophie is so cute!!

Jake said...

That picture of her on her belly is really cute.

Kim said...

I love the sleeping picture in the park. What a sweet baby girl. I suddenly feel the urge to go shopping for baby clothes! How about some new shoes for Sophie!?

diana said...

i don't need to tell you this but garage sales are also a great place to find those hardly used gems. i bought a handful for ava last weekend for 25 cents a piece.